What We Do

Netrove provides the following services to its portfolio companies and clients:

▪ Venture Capital Funding

Netrove manages venture capital and private equity funds that invest in start-up, angel stages, mezzanine or pre-IPO stages companies. Netrove seeks to actively participate and work closely with entrepreneurs and adding business, management and technology entrepreneurial values where needed to accelerate the business development and growth of its clients and portfolio companies.
Netrove typically uses the following benchmark criteria used to appraise a project:-

  • Good and experienced management with a strong passion and commitment to the business vision/mission, credible track record and good integrity
  • Products/Services in demand or that are innovative and/or inventive – a distinct market opportunity
  • Market scale & business scalability that is regional
  • Sound go-to-market strategy and execution plan
  • Good business model and value proposition
  • High growth companies in fast growing markets
  • Clear exit options and avenues
  • Synergy with portfolio companies or clients will be an advantage

The uniqueness of Netrove lies in its “hands-on” investment partnership approach and that it is able to provide a straight through financing and funding and corporate advisory services whether through its own capital or deal syndication.


▪ Entrepreneurial Venture Consulting

Continuous capital requirement is always crucial to a high growth or technology company’s survival and success. Netrove assists entrepreneurs in their capital raising exercises which includes formulating funding strategy, deal matching, deal structuring and negotiation and post investment investor relations management.

The services inevitably encompass the following to prepare the entrepreneurs and the company as a whole for the corporate exercise:-

  • Management consulting and advisory services including strategic business and corporate planning and advisory
  • Technical advisory including technology trending, road-mapping and R&D
  • Operational, sales & marketing positioning and market entry advisory
  • Financial management including matters such as valuation, financial planning, forecasting, cash-flow planning and analysis and budgeting

A variety of funding sources and instruments may be used including equity investment, project financing, loans and grants. Netrove has extensive access to regional high net worth individuals, corporate and institutional sources of funds.

▪ Corporate Finance Advisory

Crucial to entrepreneurs or a venture-backed company is to create “exit” opportunities for themselves or their investors. A liquidity event is usually a significant watershed for an enterprise although we often look at it as a means rather than an end to a longer term successful entrepreneurship.
Netrove is able to assist in identifying and creating exit opportunities or liquidity events through any of the following:-

  • M&A/restructuring followed by a liquidity event
  • Facilitation of an initial public offering of shares on any of the regional growth or tech boards
  • Trade sale to a strategic partner
  • MBO/LBO exercises

▪ Business Acceleration & Advisory

As an important complementary service to our core businesses, Netrove is able to assist entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth and expansion overseas by leveraging its know-who and know-how across the region. Uniquely, for select sectors and types of businesses, Netrove can play a role in go-to-market and market entry strategies and execution for countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand.    
In addition, Netrove provides the following services in complement to its other core services and on a selective basis:-

  • Management and turn-around of crisis and troubled companies
  • Portfolio monitoring and supervision
  • Due and corporate diligence
  • Interim executive management
  • Executive/business mentoring and coaching

The flexible approach adopted by Netrove seeks to assist each client in coping with its unique and changing needs as it keeps apace with both the growth of its business and changes in market dynamics.