RISE 2017’s Best start-up winner Zapzapmath announces cool new features at Web Summit 2017, Lisbon, Portugal – Press release web summit 2017

L-R: Cofounders – Max Teh and Adam Goh

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Nov 2017: Continuing its odyssey to make math learning fun and engaging for kids all over the world, Zapzapmath will make its Web Summit debut at Lisbon, Portugal between 6 – 9 November 2017. Zapzapmath is the incumbent winner of the RISE 2017’s Best Startup Award, having overcome more than 150 competitors in Hong Kong including a host of international startups. The edtech startup will unveil their latest range of cool features in the presence of many leading players in the tech industry at Web Summit 2017.

As we all know, math is necessary to succeed in any profession today, be it for a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, journalist or even a lawyer. In spite of this, parents and teachers around the world have trouble keeping kids interested and engaged in math. Kids not only find math boring and difficult but also struggle with simple math concepts. As a result, we are seeing a general decline and deterioration in math skills of kids all around the world. Here’s where Zapzapmath comes in with its innovative and engaging math planetary ecosystem. It has taken every math topic in Kindergarten to Grade 6 and turned them into a gamified math learning ecosystem. Today, Zapzapmath offers over 180 fun and engaging math games that meet international standards across the world. Zapzapmath’s games does not only encourage math mastery in its players, but also elements of higher-order thinking. As the players enjoy the games, their in-game progress data is connected to a web dashboard which produces progress and analytical reports for parents and teachers. Parents and teachers of Zapzapmath kids can also expect enhanced features in the web dashboard, an online platform that keeps track and reports on their players’ progress by game and by math topic over time. The latest version of the web dashboard now sports a new user interface and an improved reporting system that details a player’s progress chronologically.

Today, Zapzapmath has scored more than 1 million downloads since its beta launch in November 2015, been featured in 200 countries, ranked in the top 10 of the education category in 58 countries, including the US and China. It is mobile first but is also available on PC and to Chromebook users. Over 15 million math problems have been solved on Zapzapmath and Zapzapmath kids are spending an average of 10 minutes per session.

The latest version of Zapzapmath offers its players a range of new features in response to popular demand. Players can now look forward to a web browser version of Zapzapmath, multiplayer mode, integrated adaptive learning, an improved user interface and pre and post assessments. Zapzapmath extends its reach to players of various levels of math mastery through the introduction of adaptive learning in its games, as well as a multiplayer mode to boost player progress through healthy competition. The latest version offers enhancements in terms of graphics and user friendliness aimed to improve the user experience. With Zapzapmath newly available on the web, Chromebook users as well as other users on web browsers can now enjoy it easily on their devices.

Zapzapmath is excited to be appearing in Web Summit with its fun and engaging game-based learning ecosystem that is market validated and fast gaining traction.

For more information, or to meet the Zapzapmath team and explore their math learning the solutions, please visit Booth S122 on the 7 of November at Web Summit 2017.

About Zapzapmath Inc. Zapzapmath Inc. (https://www.zapzapmath.com) was founded in 2015 with a mission to make math learning fun and engaging for kids. It is a gamified math ecosystem that covers all math topics in K-6 grades worldwide and is compliant and can be customised to comply with a variety of math standards worldwide. Teachers and parents of Zapzapmath players can keep track of their progress with its back-end dashboard analytics and reporting while players can access Zapnet, a network that connects them for multiplayer games.

Zapzapmath’s product offering range comprises its flagship product, Zapzapmath, its core B2B product covering all K-6 math topics with full back-end reporting, and a B2C consumer app, Zap Zap Kindergarten Math containing 25 games for kids aged 4 – 6 years with an integrated adaptive learning feature.

Zapzapmath was co-founded by Hong Kong based Max Teh, who is also Chairman of Netrove Venture Capital. Max has over 20 years of experience in building and investing in startups with multiple triple digits IRR exits. Max is the visionary behind the ecosystem with John Ng, a former Singapore math teacher, who heads up the product and engineering team. John is the brain behind the products’ architecture and content. Adam Goh completes the original founding team and is the head of UI/UX, responsible for the design and artistic direction.

The company’s highly experienced team is made up of former math teachers, creative people, technologists and strategists, who work closely with a number of advisors including teachers, principals and education consultants to ensure its games and content are both fun and effective. Having been featured in the App Store in close to 200 countries and won the Best Startup Award at RISE conference 2017, Zapzapmath aims to continue being the choice of learners in homes and classrooms around the world.

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