Gravity4 unveils Mona Lisa, AI digital assistant – Media Post

by Jess Nelson

Another marketing cloud vendor is announcing a new type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology with a branded name inspired from art history and science.

Marketing has become a combination of art and science with the rise of real-time data, and this theme has been the inspiration for various cloud vendors announcing new AI technology over the past two years. For example, IBM has Watson, Salesforce Einstein, Adobe Sensei, and Maropost has Da Vinci.

Following in their footsteps, Gravity4 unveiled an artificial intelligence digital assistant for the online advertising industry on Monday called Mona Lisa.

Rolling out over the next week across 19 countries, Gravity4’s Mona Lisa leverages machine-learning algorithms to predict what media channels will achieve the best results for programmatic advertising. Customers can input data such as consumer demographics, interests, and purchasing history directly into Gravity4, and Mona Lisa applies a deep-learning neural network to display the most relevant and cost-effective marketing channels.

Gurbaksh Chahal, the CEO of Gravity4, called Mona Lisa the “most disruptive innovation” of his career in a blog post announcing the news.

Gravity4’s AI assistant is named after the most famous painting of a woman in the world, which is ironic considering Chahal’s own legal issues stemming from several domestic violence allegations. Gravity4 and Chahal have also both been sued for gender discrimination.

Chahal was fired as the CEO of RadiumOne after a domestic violence conviction in 2014, stemming from a 2013 incident where prosecutors say security footage shows Chahal kicking and hitting a woman more than 100 times.

Chahal was arrested again in 2014 for attacking another girlfriend, and a San Francisco judged ruled in 2016 that the new assault violates his original probation. The judge sentenced Chahal to one year in jail for the violation, but Chahal is currently free pending appeal.

Chahal stepped down as CEO of Gravity4 for a brief time in 2016 following the conviction, but has evidently taken the reins back up again at the company.

Source:, 20 June 2017